The Panasonic KX-TES824 small business telephone system provides a business with basic phone system functionality for a low price. The KXTES824 telephone system can connect to a maximum of 8 x PSTN analogue telephone lines and up to 24 extension telephones. The KXTES824 telephone system is the big brother to the popular KX-TEA308 Phone System which provides a maximum capacity of 3 lines and 8 extensions.

The KXTES824 Phone System is initially supplied with a 3+8 configuration on the main phone system CCU (Central Control Unit) which means that you can connect up to 3 x Analogue Telephone Lines and up to 8 x Telephones (Extensions). These extensions on the TES824 telephone system are known as Hybrid Extension Ports, this basically means that they can be used with the Proprietary System Phones or normal analogue telephones. These telephone types are detailed furether down the page with an explaination of the difference between them and also the types of phones available for use with this system.

The System is then expanded to it's full configuration by inserting additional expansion cards into the phone system. The first card available to expand the system is the KX-TES82483 Expansion Card which will provide an additional 3+8 configuration (3 x PSTN Analogue lines and 8 x Hybrid Telephone Extension Ports), bringing the system total to 6 lines and 16 extensions.

The next available card for the system is the KX-TES82480 which is a 2+8 expansion card, however the extensions on this card will only work with standard analogue telephones, they will not work with the proprietary system phones. This card brings the system up to it's full capacity of 8 lines and 24 extensions.

There is one more expansion card available as an alternative to the KXTES82480 (2+8) Expansion card and this is the KX-TES82474 Expansion card which provides connectivity for 8 x analogue extensions only, again these are just normal analogue telephone extensions and will not work with the system phones. By using this 0+8 expansion card instead of using the 2+8 expansion card in the third expansion slot you will have a system configuration of 6 lines and 24 extensions.

Other cards available for the KX-TES824 Phone System are as follows:-

KX-TES82494 Caller ID Card - This card is required if Caller ID is required to be delivered to the extension telephones. One CLI card is required per 3 lines. A maximum of 3 x KXTES82494 Caller ID Cards can be used.

KX-TES82492 2 Channel Voicemail Card - This card will provide voicemail for each of the extensions.

KX-TES82461 Door Phone / Door Release Card for 4 doorphones

KX-TES82460 Door Phone / Door Release Card for 2 doorphones

KXT82491 1 Channel DISA Outgoing Message Card